When you have decided to move from your accommodation it is important that you follow the guidance given in these notes which are in accordance with your tenancy agreement.

Initially you must provide us with a notice of your intention to vacate and this notice must be in writing and delivered to us at least one month before your intended vacating date. Your vacating date can't be before the end of your fixed term tenancy. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have received your notice - we will always acknowledge your notice with a letter.

It is in everyone's interest to bring the tenancy to an end without difficulties.  The landlord wants the property back in good order with rent fully paid and you would like your deposit returned without any delay. We will do our part in this process in a fair and professional manner and we hope that you can make the process easy by following the guidance provided below.

Please note that following the check-out inspection we are unable to allow further access to the property so please take the time to read and prepare;

  • The property should be thoroughly cleaned and left tidy throughout. This includes all appliances - ensuring the oven is cleaned thoroughly, including the internal racks and trays, the fridge/freezer is thoroughly defrosted and free of excess water (and left off and the door open), the washing machine powder drawer and any filters are cleaned out, extractor fans cleaned and filters replaced or cleaned, kitchen units wiped out. Skirting boards, door frames & light fittings are dusted, finger marks are removed from light switches and any marks on paintwork removed and the windows cleaned inside and out. This list is just for guidance and is not exhaustive.
  • All light bulbs in the property to be replaced if required (or a charge will be made for staff to source and replace)
  • Any broken or damaged items from the inventory should be replaced with the same or as near match as possible.
  • The garden, including lawns, borders, paths, driveways, patios and hedges should be left in a good tidy condition and all weeds removed. We can recommend gardeners to you should you prefer it is done professionally.
  • Curtains and nets should be washed or dry cleaned as appropriate along with Venetian blinds.
  • Ensure that carpets are as clean as you found them (the original cleanliness will be noted on the inventory you were sent). If there are any new stains or grubby areas the carpets MUST be professionally cleaned. It is a condition of your tenancy agreement that, if you have been at the property for 12 months or more, the carpets must be cleaned in any case. We can recommend carpet cleaners. If you arrange the carpet cleaning yourself you must provide proof that this has taken place by a professional cleaner.
  • If you have had authorised pets at the property, you will have signed additional clauses in your tenancy agreement obligating you to have the carpets professionally cleaned and treated specifically to eradicate the possibility of fleas. Please ensure that you obtain proof when having this done.
  • Arrange final accounts for gas, electric, telephone, water rates and council tax but not to disconnect the gas, electric or water, just to take final readings and close accounts.
  • You must arrange re-direction of your mail with the Post Office; we will not accept responsibility for any mail which arrives after you have vacated the premises. Tenants are at risk of falling prey to identity fraudsters by failing to change their details when they move house so please do this in good time.
  • Ensure that all your personal belongings are removed from the premises prior to our inventory check and handing back of the keys.
  • To enable the return of your deposit please provide your forwarding address and bank details by returning the enclosed form.
  • Please advise us if you have changed the alarm code (if applicable) during your tenancy or check with us that we have the correct alarm code when you hand in the keys
  • If your rent is paid by standing order, you must contact your bank and cancel it direct with them. We cannot do this for you. Please be advised that we are charged for receiving standing orders and therefore if a payment is received after you have left an administration fee of £25 plus VAT will be applied to cover the processing costs for returning these monies to you.

This is not an exhaustive list so please refer to your tenancy agreement for a full explanation of your obligations. You will not be permitted to re-enter the property after expiry of the notice period in order to undertake any of the above and therefore it is essential, for the return of your deposit, that you carry out the above in advance of check-out. Thank you for your assistance and if you have any queries regarding the above points, please contact us.

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