Owners of properties with a septic tank or  must register their system with with Natural Resources Wales.

Properties which can not be connected to the public sewerage system will have a private waste disposal arrangement and this is common in rural properties.

The majority of domestic buildings  will have a septic tank with a ground drainage system however older properties may have a cess pit or cess pool.

Modern properties will probably have a small sewage (package) treatment plant.

It is important that you know what you have and we can help with this process.

The system must be registered and this is free provided that it meets the folowing criteria

  • your septic tank (soaks to ground through an infiltration system) services 13 or more people
  • your package sewage treatment plant (discharging to a water course) services 33 or more people
  • the sewage system is near a protected or designated area for the environment or a groundwater supply, for example, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or a Source Protection Zone for drinking water (we can check this for you once we have received your application)
  • the sewage discharge is 50 metres or less from a borehole or well

Further information can be found on the Natural Resources Wales here

 Updated 2nd September 2020


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